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There is a new short link in town!

BKDJ.ME from

A great short link solution for electronic music creatives.

Our unique shortlink and integrated page system will inspire fans and clients to listen to you, love your work and connect easily to work with you.

Artists, Djs, Agencies and Managers':- Use our unique “Link in Bio” to turbo charge artist socials and get more bookings and connections easily


Our DJ focused - accounts come with 2 URLS to help DJs in promotion and booking creation:- and a link from world class link provider

Both URLS come attached to a menu-based promo page that Djs/Musicians and Music agencies can use to promote and also book DJ and music production work easily.

A simple menu system you’ll love

Unlike other link pages our pages have two “menus” for designed to help DJs ;- in the top menu promote your best work, and in the bottom menu you can easily select options to get booked or connect for work easily for any music service you can think of , not just a DJ sets but a big host of services and collaboration opportunities.

Easily offer music services from socials

Within 5 mins of page creation-promote anything- releases, tickets, events and socials and all your channels and easily accept work requests for bookings, live shows, remix requests, mastering, studio collaborations, private parties, streams, teaching, and streamline requests for unpaid work like interviews, press requests, social collaboration

The short link integrates perfectly (because its short) into all your other promo channels like insta, tiktok, twitch, mixcloud, youtube, spotify and facebook.

Great themes to personalise your DJ experience and make it unique to your fans

We have a host of great themes that work well for techno, house, psy, breaks, disco, trance, and many other genres

They are all great for promoting any project and super easy to share in all social media.

Unique Integrated link and share buttons help anyone viewing your page to easily share you too

Integrates directly into socials and is shared easily

Social Links on our pages are automatically embedded for easy promo too and we also offer many simple options to easily share your promo and booking pages on socials, web, mobile and beyond !

Manage it all with a pro management suite. is built on; a software platform for Djs and Music lovers-

Just login to manage your bookings and promo from an easy to manage Dj/Artist page, and track, save and monitor every work offer received and save them, as well as providing you with hub for your promo, performance and travel information.

Built by Music Professionals for you.

Save Time and Money on Admin……

Its currently free for 6 months as we grow our network,

No Catch, No Credit Card Required.

Just sign up and get promoting and Booking!

A growing movement of creatives

Join our community of artists making things happen-

We have 100s of artists and many agencies already joining our movement…

Check out some the sheets of some of our great users,

Steven George Mike Koglin Jagara Ill Gates Mutiny Lady Caro’Zart Sonar Zone Mutiny

(click on a name to see their sheet)

or Watch a Demo showcasing some of the real users using the system…..

Built 4 artists and agencies too.


Our System is built for DJS- but our agent/agency account is turbo charged for agencies and managers working on multiple client accounts.

We know success is built on collaboration and being an agent isn’t easy ;- thus while artist users can manage a single page, agencies can manage up to 20 artist pages (each with 10 promo links and 25 booking options per artist) from a single agents account..

With our system together agencies and artists can easily harness artists and agency socials to deliver more work to both agency and an artist than ever before-


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What next?

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Works Great for DJs , Producers and Agents in

Ambient, Glitch, Industrial, Noise, Breakbeat. Dancehall. Downtempo, Drum and Bass, Dub Dubstep, Electro, EDM, Grime, Hardcore, House, IDM, Reggaeton Techno, Trance, PsyTrance AfroHouse, Garage Progressive, Shamanic House, Deep Techno, Tech House

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